All teams will be compiled by the Bellevue Boys Lacrosse Club in its sole and absolute discretion.  Any falsified information given to BBLC in order to meet these requirements will result in the player being ejected from the program with no refund issued.


Bellevue Boys Lacrosse Club encompasses all the teams that feed into Bellevue High School and follow the same boundary restrictions as the Bellevue School District. Students who live in the Bellevue High School boundaries and attend a private school that does not offer a lacrosse program are eligible to play for BBLC. Students who attend any of the following schools are eligible to play for BBLC:

  • Bellevue High School
  • Chinook Middle School
  • Clyde Hill Elementary
  • Enatai Elementary
  • Medina Elementary
  • Woodridge Elementary

Please note, players that attend district choice schools (e.g., Jing Mei Elementary, Puesta del Sol, International School, Big Picture School) must play for the program in the high school attendance area in which they reside.  High School players are eligible based on Bellevue School District policies 3251 and 3251.2.

If you live outside of the required boundaries or do not attend one of the schools listed above we suggest that you go to the website for Greater Eastside Lacrosse League (GELL) to find a youth team near you.  Students who attend a private school that offers a lacrosse program for their age group are not eligible to play for a GELL team. GELL does not cover grades K-2 and some clubs do not have a K-2 program.  If your local club does not offer a program for grades K-2 then you may be able to play for Bellevue Lacrosse only while your child is in grades K-2.

If you have any questions regarding eligibility, please contact our registrar at .

Age Requirements

Bellevue Lacrosse club closely follows the grade and age requirements set forth by the WHSBLA and GELL organizations. Players must register for the grade based program for which they qualify. Age limitations will apply. Pursuant to the rules and regulations of the WHSBLA and GELL organizations and the recommendations of the US lacrosse organization, no applicant shall be permitted to participate on a team outside such applicant's applicable age group and/or grade group as set forth by those organizations.