Coaches will provide the league approved jerseys to players, usually on picture day, before the first game.  All Bellevue players are expected to have a navy blue pair of shorts for game days. Players at every age division will be provided with a reversible pinnie to be used for practices.



Any white, black or blue certified helmet is acceptable for youth players. However, the 7/8 Blue team and high school teams wear the Bellevue navy blue & athletic gold helmets. If your son plans to play lacrosse in Bellevue for years to come you’d be wise to get a blue & gold Bellevue colored helmet.

Helmets can also be ordered online. Go to http://www.factorycustom.com/?target=_blank and click PRODUCTS on the top menu bar.

Select the model you wish to purchase then select the following options:  Shell = Navy Blue 282C,  Chinstrap = Athletic Gold 124C, Visor = Athletic Gold 124C, Vent = Don't edit color, Mohawk = Athletic Gold 124C, Back Panel = Athletic Gold 124C.


Equipment (Kindergarten through High School)

Bellevue Boys Lacrosse Club does not provide equipment although we do have a used equipment exchange/sale at our Youth Kick-off Meeting in January.

New equipment can be purchased in Bellevue at LAX World and Dick's Sporting Goods in Issaquah as well as many online suppliers.

Players must have the following equipment at every practice and game:

  • Lacrosse Stick* & Head**
  • Lacrosse Gloves***
  • Lacrosse Shoulder & Elbow Pads
  • Lacrosse Helmet (NOCSAE certified)
  • Mouth Guard
  • Protective Cup
  • Throat Guard & Chest Pad (Goalies Only)
*Stick Length:
7/8 Short 40"-42" / Long 52"-72"
5/6 Short 40"-42" / Long 52"-72"
3/4 Short 37"-42" / Long NONE
**Lacrosse Head Options:
Youth -- NFHS = What we use
High School -- Starting 2018 must meet NCAA specifications
***General Glove Sizing
13” = High School Mostly
12” = 7/8th & 5/6th
10” = K/2nd & 3/4th
GOALIE GLOVES = Thumb Protection